After being promoted, it takes time to settle in to your new role. The assumption was made, by those promoting you, that you could handle your new role and not be overwhelmed/underwater right away. However, that doesn’t mean you are expected to excel right away.

Think of it like touch typing. Many an Engineer doesn’t even need to think about where the keys are anymore but when you were first learning to type you looked at the keyboard and tried to keep your fingers in the right position. Later when you learned to touch type, it was difficult and frustrating…

This might be a hot take at some companies, and it might be a ‘well, duh’ take at others.

Reasons you might be shipping code as an Engineering Manager:

  • It’s what made you successful as an Individual Contributor
  • It’s familiar
  • You can see/show the results
  • The team is struggling to hit goals
  • You want to lead from the front
  • You don’t have enough to do on the managerial side
  • You work at a company that expects this from their Engineering Managers
  • If you don’t write code, your day ends and you feel you haven’t accomplished anything

If you are an…

Brendan B

Engineering Leader

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